ECDC Tender

ecdc tender

Assessing the Risk of Fungal and Parasitic Diseases Transmission by Substances of Human Origin

The aim if this project is to support the ECDC (European Centre for Disease prevention and Control) to assess all donor-derived infectious risks and to define preventive measures for the fungal and parasitic infections transmission through all types of SoHO. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a systematic review of the literature (Part I and Part II) of fungal and parasitic infections transmission and develop a risk assessment and prevention of fungal and parasitic infection transmission through SoHO.

The scope of this contract is to assist the ECDC in providing its stakeholders (the Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament) with the best available scientific advice and tools to support their management of infection risks in SoHO donation settings. This project initiated on 1/6/2019 and finished on 09/03/2022.