completed at FAME Lab her MSc thesis on ‘Perceived effects of cold exposure on upper body musculoskeletal injuries’. From February 2011 to March 2014, Ms Mitsiadou was head of Research Program on “Subjective Perception of the Influence of Environmental Factors on Myalgia Symptoms”. Currently, she is Head of Nursing Service of Trikala Health Center and Certified Adult Instructor. She is also member of the Scientific Department of Community Nursing of the Hellenic Nursing Association, and member of the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation.


completed at FAME Lab his MSc thesis on ‘Effects of hydration status and self-talk on endurance performance in a hot environment’ ( Currently, Mr Bartura is Ph.D. Research Fellow (75% research and 25% teaching) in the Department of Sport and Social Sciences, Section for Sport Psychology, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. My Ph.D. project is investigating why elite athletes make mistakes (unwanted effects) when the stake is high using a technological and psychophysiological approach. For detail information about the project (  ) though it is in Norwegian.


completed at FAME Lab her PhD thesis on ‘Investigation of the functional architecture of the human thermoregulatory system through biochemical indices’.  She worked on brown adipose tissue investigating the molecular and physiological mechanisms between uncoupling protein-1 activation and human metabolism. Currently, she is Project Manager at the European Institutions.  She is Scientific Officer at Innovative Medicine Initiative (EU public private partnership) in charge of a portfolio of projects mostly focused on antimicrobial resistance, vaccine development, immune therapy, and digital health. She is involved in the entire project life cycle, including topic text development, evaluations, grant negotiations/signature, project monitoring and closure.


completed at FAME Lab his MSc thesis on ‘Effects of environmental factors on the cognitive function of Hellenic army helicopter crew’ in the framework of the postgraduate program Applied kinesiology in the Armed Forces. The purpose was to collect health, performance and psychology data from Army Helicopter Pilots before, during and after the flights in order to determine the possible effects of various environmental factors on psychosomatic and cognitive function. The study involved 16 volunteer Army Air Force helicopter pilots. Currently, he is Army Officer with the rank of Major. Last semester Mr Karsiotis studied at the Army War School and now serves as a staff member in Thessaloniki while he is a candidate for study at the Higher Interdisciplinary War School during the academic year 2020-2021.




completed at FAME Lab his MSc thesis on ‘The psychosomatic state of police officers during their work shift’. Currently, Mr Niopas is second-in-command at the Police Department of Veroia town, while he also teaches ‘Self-Defense and Self-Protection’ at the School of Reeducation and Training of Northern Greece, as well as at Vocational Training Centers as a certified adult educator.


is a Chemical Engineer and post-doctoral researcher. Her role within FAME Lab was to lead the Project Management of the European project HEAT-SHIELD and to contribute to the group’s sustainability by attracting and managing research funding. Currently, is a Senior Researcher at Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Thessaly, working on the design and optimization of bio-active compounds’ extraction and characterization from plants and food industry by-products, and their nutritional benefits to be applied in nutraceutical and food industry for disease prevention and health enhancement. She is Teaching Fellow in General Chemistry, Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry.


completed at FAME Lab his MSc thesis on ‘Effects of environmental factors on workers and athletes’. Also, he participated in the data collection for the research programs ‘HEAT-SHIELD’ and ‘Health impacts and effective mitigation actions for occupational heat stress-strain in Qatar’. Currently, Constantine Dallas is the strength and conditioning coach of the men’s basketball team of “Athletic Association of Karditsa (ASK)” in category A2 and the track and field coach of the Athletic Cultural Association of Karditsa “Perseas”.


completed at FAME Lab part of her PhD thesis on ‘The effect of exercise rehabiliation regimes in combination with changes in dialysis procedures in aspects related to quality of life and health in end stage renal disease patients’. Additionally, she participated in the research study of the European project ICI-THROUGH, while at the same time in the context of her doctoral dissertation she conducted a study to assess Separate and combined effects of cold dialysis and intradialytic exercise on the thermoregulatory responses of patients with end-stage renal disease Currently, she is the founder of the LifeWalkers team that aims to inform and awaken patients with chronic diseases and society of the importance of therapeutic exercise training as a supporting non pharmacological treatment.



completed at FAME Lab her PhD thesis on ‘Effects of environmental factors on elite performance’. Additionally, she dealt with passive exposure to smoking by creating a questionnaire to assess passive smoking and studied factors that affect body temperature mainly in children such as physical condition, age, body fat. Today, she is a teacher in primary education.