The People of FAME Lab


Excellent staff and students are an integral part of any successful research program. At FAME Lab we have been extremely fortunate in the opportunity to work with a terrific group of staff and students who constantly re-ignite our passion for research and also keep us on our toes! We believe in a real team effort where we all support each other and have fun together in and out of the lab.

FAME Lab - Dr Andreas Flouris

Andreas Flouris

is an environmental physiologist and the founder of FAME Lab. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Thessaly and an Adjunct Professor in Environmental Medicine at the University of Ottawa.

FAME Lab - Eleni Karligkiotou

Eleni Karligiotou

is a Senior Researcher at FAME Lab. She is a molecular biologist studying the role of in vitro exercise on brown adipose tissue activation and the molecular pathways involved in thermoregulation.

FAME Lab - Antonia Kaltsatou

Antonia Kaltsatou

is a Senior Researcher at FAME Lab. She is a clinical exercise physiologist with a strong background on exercise and health.  Her research at FAME Lab focuses on assessing the links between thermoregulation and health.

FAME Lab - Petros Dinas

Petros Dinas

is a Senior Researcher at FAME Lab. He is an expert in systematic reviews and meta-analyses according to PRISMA guidelines and he is currently conducting work on this field for the European Centers for Disease Control. He also leads research on the effects of physical activity on adipose tissue.

FAME Lab - Giorgos-Ioannis Tsianos

Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos

is a medical doctor and an extreme environment physiologist. He is FAME Lab’s advisor, research collaborator, and leads the area of expeditions and field studies in environmental human physiology.

FAME Lab - Andres Carrillo

Andres Carrillo 

is an interdisciplinary adjunct Senior Researcher at FAME Lab and an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. His research interests include ageing and heart rate variability responses during heat stress, brown adipose tissue activity in response to differences in macronutrient intake, and movement philosophy.

FAME Lab - Athanasios-Apostolos Gargavanis


is a general surgeon specialising in organ transplantations. Also, he holds a MSc degree in International Medicine and Health Crisis Management and has extensive experience in medical humanitarian field missions in different parts of the globe. He is a collaborator of FAME lab in field research and expeditions.

FAME Lab - Tania Amorim

Tânia Amorim

is a Senior Researcher at FAME Lab. Her work in FAME Lab focuses on the impact of environmental factors on bone biology using animal and human models. She is currently coordinating an EU project investigating the impact of bovine colostrum supplementation on bone health.

FAME Lab - Leonidas Ioannou

Leonidas Ioannou

is a Senior Researcher at FAME Lab investigating the effects of radiation on behavioral and physiological mechanisms of human thermoregulation as well as the impacts of occupational heat stress on workers’ health, productivity, and labour effort.

FAME Lab - Dimitris Rigopoulos


is a medical doctor specialized in diabetes. As a Senior Researcher at FAME Lab, he conducts research of the effects of several environmental factors and types of exercise on diabetes as well as on the immune system.

FAME Lab - Maria Vliora

Maria Vliora 

is a PhD student at FAME Lab. Her work in FAME Lab focuses on the metabolic factors that contribute to the process of browning of white adipose cells.

FAME Lab - Eleni Nintou

Eleni Nintou

is a PhD student at FAME Lab. She is working on different projects focusing on brown adipose tissue and particularly the impacts of exercise on the “browning” process.

FAME Lab - Lydia Tsoutsoubi

Lydia Tsoutsoubi

is a PhD student at FAME Lab. Her work in FAME Lab focuses on vasomotion and endothelial function during exposure to hot and cold environments in healthy and clinical populations.

FAME Lab - Davide Testa

Davide Testa

is a PhD student at FAME Lab. He studies the impacts of climate change on human health and migration patterns with the aim to increase the adaptive capacity and climate resilience of low-income populations, contributing to improved climate adaptation policy.

FAME Lab - Areti Kapnia

Areti Kapnia 

is a PhD student at FAME Lab. Her work in FAME Lab focuses on the effects of moderate and extreme cold on behavioral and physiological mechanisms of the human thermoregulatory system, particularly in relation to vasomotion.

FAME Lab - Konstantinos Mantzios

Konstantinos Mantzios

is a PhD student at FAME Lab. His work at FAME Lab focuses on improving human health, performance, and work capacity across different environments by creating new technological applications.

FAME Lab - Vivi Giata

Vivi Gκiata 

is the Lab Manager, coordinating the group’s research activities in terms of security standards, equipment, and scheduling/performing measurements. She also contributes heavily to teaching in classes led by other group members.

FAME Lab - Gina Ntina

Georgia Ntina

is the Head of Administration at FAME lab. Her role within FAME Lab is to lead the group’s Management Team overseeing all administrative and project management activities, particularly in relation to large European and National funded projects.

FAME Lab - Soula Mermiga

Soula Mermiga

is a Project Manager in European and National funded projects led by the group. She also leads and manages the group’s dissemination activities (e.g., webpages, newsletters, workshops, events) and handles daily secretarial tasks.

FAME Lab - Stella Ziaka

Stella Ziaka 

is an undergraduate student in Exercise Science and a researcher at FAME Lab. Her current research focuses on environmental causes to osteoporosis as well as on the efficacy of nutraceutical products to prevent bone mass losses.

FAME Lab - Sotiris Harmpas

Sotiris Charmpas

is an undergraduate student in Exercise Science and a researcher at FAME Lab. His current research focuses on the economic effects of physical inactivity in Greece.